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Nadin 16-176

She is very beautiful. The opening of our representative office in the Republic of Buryatia. This girl has come a long way in its 16 years!
They took part in the shows and surveys for a long time worked on those that would be in the form.
She had changed and it says of her desire to work. It is very important for aspiring model.
When her desire to work around the world, combined with its actions.
She had changed and now like this model!
This is not a real professional growth!!!


Elizaveta 15-175


Elizabeth amazing, she is very feminine - she loves the camera. She knows how to smile eyes.
She knows how to put himself to the camera that would be just super.

Our opinion is that it is good for advertising, linen and commercial. Has extensive international experience in Mongolia with stylists from Japan.
Dreams of working of the international model. Soon will be available a snaps, and not a large portfolio of aspiring model.


Casting a very important moment-at the reception model to work (in a model Agency, or to obtain specific work when dealing with the customer).
We choose the fresh new faces, we choose the smart boys and girls.
We choose the talented and the best.

Now is being developed the technology of castings for the host agencies in the mode online.
On the Internet inviting Agency (with the necessary speed Internet). Will be able to watch models.
Speaking through an interpreter with the parents of the underage models.

In General, to do what no one did. In order that would looks models. Will not necessarily go to where models are located.
Enough to order the online casting.

In any case, this is easier and cheaper than to send Scout on the other side of the planet.
Hope to see a long-term fruitful cooperation.

Always open for interesting advantageous proposals.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

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