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The legality of your organization

For us it is preferable, what would your Agency was officially registered organization having all the necessary documents. This applies to all countries.
You must have documents.

Such as
- A license to work with foreigners.
What would you sent an invitation, it is to work.
What would your contract was understandable, including on earnings.
In the contract should be clearly marked with the price of work for the model.

Our models in most cases, young girls and young boys.
Many of them are  participation in schools and other educational institutions.
Why can't work without stop the whole year.
Therefore we are looking for them the most advantageous conditions.

And us not interested, take any contract which for them offer.

After reading this section you will be more understandable to our policy regarding the countries where you can make a portfolio, or countries where you can very well commercially come and get interesting highly paid work

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